How I Work

Awareness as a Path to Health & Happiness

“Emotions can be dealt with as something
to be rejected,
or utilized as a path.

It is a completely individual matter which of these ways is best. We can discover which is best for us by seeing the method that actually works when we become involved with an emotion. But the essential matter is to maintain awareness, because without being aware of your situation, you will miss the opportunity to apply any method. That is the main point: whether one rejects emotions, transforms them, or utilizes them as a path, everything is based on one’s ability to maintain awareness."

— The Life and Teachings of Adeu Rinpoche

Four Underlying Principles

  1. Integration is a key factor to healing.

  2. Therapy is a process that allows integration to happen naturally.

  3. Therapy removes blocks to our innate intelligence that already knows what is correct for us.

  4. Therapy is a way to reconnect with the awareness we have always had even when we have lost contact with it.